Ilumin8 illumin8 LED Ltd is a collaboration of two well-established UK-based organisations, SJTech and the Starfish Group, in response to the challenges of fuel poverty, brought on by energy price rises.

One company is an electronics technology business that has utilised LEDs in the construction of its products for over a decade. The second organisation helps communities to reduce the energy demand of homes, by installation of insulation and renewable technologies that help to tackle the incidence of fuel poverty and control the impact of energy bill increases.

They supply a range of LED bulbs that have been ethically produced, with a clear focus upon quality and affordability. They aim to deliver LED bulbs that:

are high quality
are excellent value for money
are affordable for all communities - and
look similar to traditional light bulbs

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  1. LED Light Bulbs

    LED Light Bulbs

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    Save more than 80% energy with ethically produced LED light bulbs.   Learn More

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