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  1. Make Your Own Swing Bridge

    Make Your Own Swing Bridge

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    This kit provides everything you need to make a movable swing bridge, including pre-cut wooden pieces, gear plates, dowels, sandpaper and glue. Suitable for ages 7+. Size of bridge when complete: 71cm x 28cm x 10cm. Box size: 33cm x 9.5cm x 5.5cm.   Learn More
  2. Make Your Own Hydraulic Gearbot

    Make Your Own Hydraulic Gearbot

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    A kit that mixes science and art - and gives you the ability to throw things across the room! Learn about levers, gears and simple machines. Box size: 33cm x 21cm x 5cm.   Learn More
  3. Pop-Up Weaving Wooden Loom

    Pop-Up Weaving Wooden Loom

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    This pop-up loom is a fun way to get into the art of weaving. Delivered flat-packed and including two shuttles and a comb, it is easy to snap apart and fit together. Made in the UK. Loom size when assembled: 28cm x 26.5cm. Pack size: 30cm x 22cm.   Learn More
  4. World of Animals Wooden Toy Set

    World of Animals Wooden Toy Set

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    A set of six chunky toys to introduce young children to animals from around the world. Non-toxic paints. Suitable for 10 months and above. Each piece is 2.5cm thick.   Learn More
  5. Meow! Cat Balancing Game

    Meow! Cat Balancing Game

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    A simple but engaging game to be enjoyed by all the family, balancing the balls of wool in the cat's embrace will test your dexterity and patience. Made in Barcelona. Box size: 22cm x 21.5cm x 2cm.   Learn More
  6. Rope Ladder

    Rope Ladder

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    Abaca is probably the strongest natural fibre that is suitable for rope making (it is what mariners used before the arrival of polyesters), and weight-by-weight, bamboo is stronger than steel! The rope forms a loop at the top for suspension. Made in the Philippines. Length: 250cm, width: 33cm   Learn More
  7. Da Vinci Helicopter Kit

    Da Vinci Helicopter Kit

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    The Aerial Screw is one of Leonardo da Vinci's most iconic drawings - and this fun and exciting project gives budding engineers and designers the chance to create a working scale model. Age 9+ Completed model size: 38cm x 23 cm Box size: 26cm x 19cm x 5cm   Learn More
  8. Colourful Cats Set *more stock coming soon*

    Colourful Cats Set *more stock coming soon*


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    Cute and colourful, these handpainted Bali cats are made from sustainably sourced Albesia wood. Set of five. Each cat stands proud at 5.7cm   Learn More

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