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  1. Bamboo Calculator

    Bamboo Calculator

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    Large display, solar powered, simple calculator, with bamboo casing and keys. Size:13.5cm x 7.5cm x 1cm.   Learn More
  2. Solar Powerband with USB Light

    Solar Powerband with USB Light

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    Enjoy the freedom of mobile energy! This multifunctional solar power bank can charge your mobile phone and also be used as a flexible lighting system with its 10 LED USB light. Weight: 53g. Size: 9cm x 4.5cm x 1cm.   Learn More
  3. Solar power factsheet front cover

    20 things you need to know about solar power (PDF)


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    Free Friends of the Earth solar power factsheet as a PDF, just add it to your cart and you'll be able to download a pdf.

    Note: You'll need to set up a login so that you can download this factsheet. You will also need some PDF-reading software. Here's a list of free software PDF readers.

    Print version

    If you’d like to request a printed version, please email us and quote the title you’d like.

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  4. Eco Savers Universal Doorspring

    Eco Savers Universal Doorspring

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    The universal door spring from EcoSavers makes energy saving simple and affordable. This easy-to-fit door spring automatically closes doors and windows, to prevent the warmth (in winter) or cold (in summer) leaving the room.   Learn More
  5. Water-saving Shower Head

    Water-saving Shower Head

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    Uses much less water than a regular showerhead, cutting usage by 50% and therefore also saves on your energy bills.   Learn More
  6. Solar-Powered Hanging Lantern

    Solar-Powered Hanging Lantern

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    A useful hanging 7-LED solar light. Great for the garden and for camping. Solar powered. Height including hanger: 20cm   Learn More
  7. Eco Torch Radio

    Eco Torch Radio

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    A lightweight dynamo and USB-powered 3-LED flashlight, FM scan radio with integrated speaker and personal alarm.   Learn More
  8. Solar Powerbank

    Solar Powerbank

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    Always have power on the move with this handy tool that collects its charge from the sun! Includes a multi output USB cable which has output with micro USB, iPhone4 and iPhone 5/6/7/8/9/10 adapter. Can also be charged from the mains. Technical details: Solar cell 5.0V / 60 mA/ 0.3W 16% efficiency Battery Lithium 3.7V / 2.000 mAh DC input 5V +/-0.5V / 0.8A max DC output 5V / 1A max Overcharge protection   Learn More
  9. Kinetic Door Bell

    Kinetic Door Bell

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    At last! A wireless doorbell that doesn’t need expensive batteries. Features 38 different ringtones. Includes USB powered receiver (AC USB charging adapter included). Includes installation materials. 100-metre operating range in open field. LED indication on receiver. Volume adjustable. Frequency: 433 MHz.   Learn More
  10. Roadrunner solar car kit

    Roadrunner solar car kit

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    Solar powered toy car that teaches children the great effects of solar power. Simply clip together, place the car in the sun and watch it zoom! Supplied as a kit for you to build. Suitable for age 8+   Learn More

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