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  1. The Little Red Hen (Book/CD)

    The Little Red Hen (Book/CD)

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    One winter day, the little red hen finds a grain of wheat lying on the ground. With patience and hard work, the grain of wheat will become a loaf of bread. But will the rooster and the mouse help the little red hen? This lively version of the classic tale is given contemporary treatment with dynamic, textured illustrations by artist Kate Slater. Paperback. Size: 27.5cm x 22cm. 36 pages. Ages: 3-7.   Learn More
  2. Rough Guide To World Playtime (plus Mory Kante CD)

    Rough Guide To World Playtime (plus Mory Kante CD)

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    Disc 1 is a delightful selection of children's music from clapping games to rhyming songs to dancing tunes. Disc 2 features the legendary West African singer and kora player Mory Kanté.

    Disc 1

    1. Maria De Barros: Oh Menel (3:44)
    2. Bela Lakatos & The Gypsy Youth Project: Muro Shavo Kiki (My Dear Son Kiki) (2:17)
    3. Ukulele Club De Paris: Chigadaging (2:51)
    4. Lura: Na Ri Na (3:38)
    5. Mariza: Transparante (2:31)
    6. Hijas Del Sol: Bilaba Biè Työ (3:58)
    7. Mory Kante: Djou (5:34)
    8. Peru Negro: Negrito (4:14)
    9. Chico César: Soluço (3:11)
    10. Takashi Hirayasu And Bob Brozman: Akata Sun Dunchi (4:27)
    11. Lorin Sklamberg: Geyt Zikh A Bahelferl (3:18)
    12. EA! Feat. Pilar 'La Monica' & J. J. Madrera: El Patio (1:54)
    13. Akim El Sikameya: Sa Majeste Lila (4:05)
    14. Wafir: Lluvia (4:02)
    15. Kiran Ahluwalia: Koka (4:58)
    16. Sambasunda Quintet: Jaleuleu Ja (3:52)
    17. Aurelio Martinez: Tili Bugudura (4:01)

    Disc 2

    1. Nafiya (5:07)
    2. Djou (5:34)
    3. Mama (5:03)
    4. Diananko (5:26)
    5. Sabou (5:00)
    6. Kènkan (5:19)
    7. Möko (5:30)
    8. Loniya (6:05)
    9. Desolé (5:05)
    10. Biriya (Rythmes Du Mandingue) (6:54)
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  3. Rough Guide To African Lullabies (plus Virginia Mukwesha CD)

    Rough Guide To African Lullabies (plus Virginia Mukwesha CD)

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    Disc 1 has a carefully selected range of African tracks to gently rock the listener away to blissful deep dreams. Disc 2 features instrumental mbira music from Virginia Mukwesha from Zimbabwe. Double CD.   Learn More
  4. Recycled Kalimba

    Recycled Kalimba

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    Simple but effective musical instrument, the Kalimba is made in Burkina Faso from recycled materials. Unsuitable for children under three years.

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