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  1. Bingo Games

    Bingo Games

    Starting at: £18.95

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    A selection of beautifully illustrated bingo games featuring a variety of creatures great and small. Choose from Bird, Cat, Dog and Bug Bingo to bring a fun and educational twist to the traditional game as players learn the names and colourings of their favourites.   Learn More
  2. Bee and Bug Houses

    Bee and Bug Houses

    Starting at: £16.00

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    Soft-green wooden bee and bug houses to provide shelter for solitary bees, ladybirds and other beneficial insects.
    Choose to include a pack of British wildflower seeds, and a bee species guide.
    Size: 24cm 17cm x 10.5cm
    Weight: 1Kg

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  3. Kick by Mitch Johnson

    Kick by Mitch Johnson

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    Kick by Mitch Johnson
    Budi's going to play for the greatest team on earth, instead of sweating over each stitch he sews, each football boot he makes.
    But one unlucky kick brings Budi's world crashing down. Now he owes the Dragon, the most dangerous man in Jakarta. Soon it isn't only Budi's dreams at stake, but his life.
    A story about dreaming big, about hope and heroes, and never letting anything stand in your way.

    Pages: 304
    Age 11+
    Size:19.8cm x 13.2cm

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  4. Rough Guide To World Playtime (plus Mory Kante CD)

    Rough Guide To World Playtime (plus Mory Kante CD)

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    Disc 1 is a delightful selection of children's music from clapping games to rhyming songs to dancing tunes. Disc 2 features the legendary West African singer and kora player Mory Kanté.

    Disc 1

    1. Maria De Barros: Oh Menel (3:44)
    2. Bela Lakatos & The Gypsy Youth Project: Muro Shavo Kiki (My Dear Son Kiki) (2:17)
    3. Ukulele Club De Paris: Chigadaging (2:51)
    4. Lura: Na Ri Na (3:38)
    5. Mariza: Transparante (2:31)
    6. Hijas Del Sol: Bilaba Biè Työ (3:58)
    7. Mory Kante: Djou (5:34)
    8. Peru Negro: Negrito (4:14)
    9. Chico César: Soluço (3:11)
    10. Takashi Hirayasu And Bob Brozman: Akata Sun Dunchi (4:27)
    11. Lorin Sklamberg: Geyt Zikh A Bahelferl (3:18)
    12. EA! Feat. Pilar 'La Monica' & J. J. Madrera: El Patio (1:54)
    13. Akim El Sikameya: Sa Majeste Lila (4:05)
    14. Wafir: Lluvia (4:02)
    15. Kiran Ahluwalia: Koka (4:58)
    16. Sambasunda Quintet: Jaleuleu Ja (3:52)
    17. Aurelio Martinez: Tili Bugudura (4:01)

    Disc 2

    1. Nafiya (5:07)
    2. Djou (5:34)
    3. Mama (5:03)
    4. Diananko (5:26)
    5. Sabou (5:00)
    6. Kènkan (5:19)
    7. Möko (5:30)
    8. Loniya (6:05)
    9. Desolé (5:05)
    10. Biriya (Rythmes Du Mandingue) (6:54)
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  5. Rough Guide To African Lullabies (plus Virginia Mukwesha CD)

    Rough Guide To African Lullabies (plus Virginia Mukwesha CD)


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    Disc 1 has a carefully selected range of African tracks to gently rock the listener away to blissful deep dreams. Disc 2 features instrumental mbira music from Virginia Mukwesha from Zimbabwe. Double CD.   Learn More
  6. The Story Of Life

    The Story Of Life

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    Shows the development of the Earth in an accessible and simple way. For children up to eight years. Size: 28.5 x 25cm.   Learn More
  7. Temporary Tattoos

    Temporary Tattoos

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    Non-toxic and easily removed, these magic fairy and magic dinosaur tattoos offer young creative minds the chance to let their imaginations soar. 10 tattoos per pack, beautifully drawn by Txell Darne. Size of packet: 7.5cm x 34cm   Learn More
  8. Counting Jigsaws

    Counting Jigsaws

    Starting at: £8.50

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    The best way to get children to learn is through play, and this bright and cheerful jigsaw will certainly provide some fun. Handcrafted in Sri Lanka. Made with sustainable rubber wood. Unsuitable for children under three years.   Learn More
  9. Build and Learn Monkey

    Build and Learn Monkey

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    Build your own monkey in 20 minutes! Includes facts table. No glue or tools required. Suitable for ages 7+. Unsuitable for children under three years. Pack size: 23 x 19cm.   Learn More
  10. The Way to School by Rosemary McCarney

    The Way to School by Rosemary McCarney

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    Minimal text and stunning photographs from around the world describe the remarkable, and often dangerous, journeys children make every day on their way to and from school. The Way to School is both a fascinating look at school around the world and a very subtle message to readers to appreciate what they have. - Kirkus Reviews This book helps remind us how much effort some children have to make to get to school every day. Each page features striking photographs of their journeys, over flood waters, up cliffs, along tightropes, wires or rickety bridges... Through these images, we can all reflect on the journeys we and others make each day. - Juno Magazine   Learn More

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