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  1. Reindeer Candleholder

    Reindeer Candleholder

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    Make the room cosy on those long Winter nights with this recycled metal candleholder. Made in India. Length from head to tail: 15cm   Learn More
  2. Spice Candle

    Spice Candle

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    A handmade candle crafted from aromatic beeswax and coconut oil, in a terracotta pot. With pure essential oils of orange and cinnamon. Size of candle: 6.5cm x 7cm diameter (at widest point) Size of gift box: 7cm x 7cm x 7cm   Learn More
  3. Sweet Dreams Fragrance

    Sweet Dreams Fragrance

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    A choice of candle and reed diffuser, hand-made in the UK, with natural oils.   Learn More
  4. Beeswax Candles in Clay D-light Pots

    Beeswax Candles in Clay D-light Pots

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    A dainty set of ten beeswax tealights (or D-lights). Poured in clay pots and scented with lavender. Supplied in a gift box. Box size: 25cm x 11cm   Learn More
  5. Matuko Dinner Candles Gift Box

    Matuko Dinner Candles Gift Box

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    Three brightly coloured fair trade dinner candles from South Africa   Learn More
  6. Emergency Jar of Candles

    Emergency Jar of Candles

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    10 beeswax candles and a ceramic holder in a jam jar. Keep them to hand with a box of matches and you'll never be fumbling in the dark again. Made in the UK. Jam jar measures 11.5cm x 7cm diameter   Learn More
  7. Lavender Drawliners

    Lavender Drawliners

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    The delicate fragrance of lavender will keep your clothes and bed linen smelling fresh. Six drawer liners in a gift envelope. Made in the UK. Size of liners: 49.5cm x 30cm Size of gift envelope: 23cm x 15.5cm   Learn More

7 Item(s)

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