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  1. Matuko Set of 3 Egg Candles

    Matuko Set of 3 Egg Candles


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    A set of 3 brightly coloured fair trade egg shaped candles from South Africa. Perfect for Easter and beyond. The size is 68mm in height and 48mm the widest part. Burning time + - 8 hours   Learn More
  2. Matuko Dinner Candles Gift Box

    Matuko Dinner Candles Gift Box

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    Three brightly coloured fair trade dinner candles from South Africa   Learn More
  3. Three Small Matuko Pillar Candles

    Three Small Matuko Pillar Candles

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    These brightly coloured pillar candles come from Nobunto, a fair trade company, based in Napier, South Africa. The design is called Matuko which means Elegance in Swahili.

    They are made from fully refined paraffin wax with a high melting point of 58°- 60°; the high quality wick was imported from Germany where the candles were safety tested.The colours contain no carcinogenic, mutagenic, or reproductive toxic substances.

    Important safety information: The candle should only be left burning for 2-3 hours during the first and second usage. The cooling off/down phase until the next ignition/usage should be at least 1 hour. The candle should not burn longer than 2 hours during subsequent usage. The reason for this is the flames, in order to create the desired ”lantern effect”, burn down in the centre of the candle, thereby creating the glow in which the external painted effect is clearly visible. However, this very beautiful ”lantern effect” produces enormous heat inside the candle which, if left too long, can also cause the outer walls of the candle to melt, thereby causing molten wax to leak.   Learn More

3 Item(s)

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